by nasty habit

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released June 9, 2012

nasty habit is ryan starinsky, aaron miller, jeff kleinman, and matt oconke.



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nasty habit Columbus, Ohio

"americana punk for potheads"


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Track Name: waiting on you
i said i'm bored to death
fresh out of confidence
and then you're knocking on my bedroom door
and i don't ask what for
and now i can't relax
cause i don't see you much
think of nothing to say
broken today
but when i see you standing there with your hands in your pockets, yeah
i wonder why you don't mind
there's always someone to stop us
i've been waiting on you to let the quiet things kill you
like they killed me too

i said i feel too much
and forgot how to trust
wish i was lying on your bedroom floor
but what for
cause when you see me thinking there about the holes in my pockets, yeah
you'll wonder why i don't mind that there's no one to love us
i've been waiting on you to let the coward out in you
she can see us through
Track Name: dogbite
i saw the dogbite on the back of your leg
must have put up a good fight
because i'm watching it bleed
and it's soaking through your sock
as you're running away
from everything you've ever known
you got some bad ideas up in your head, my dear
i realize why you don't run alone
when our worlds were spinning around

now it's a white scar eating right through your leg
wonder on what night you'll find it easy to leave
as we happen to be going through some pictures of you
back when you were a little kid
i saw you running through the park
with your umbrella up
tell me of all the funny things you did
while our worlds are still spinning around and around...
Track Name: don't want to die in my favorite shirt
i found your buried bracelet
between the cushions of the couch
it sunk so deep, tangled in springs
but the braid never fell out
and if this is nothing, it's gonna hurt

i don't mind that the holes we dig
are filled with other people's things
let them soak through and stain your skin
but if i believed in chemicals and bus rides
i'd be empty from the inside
when it's in your eyes
you realize
if this is nothing i could just die in your favorite shirt
and if this is nothing it couldn't hurt
Track Name: one of the living
you get sick of how they're living
i think it again as your digging
honestly i don't see you hanging around
wishing you were one of the living
i'm talking about forgetting
you'll be forgetting

they say you never know the middle
from the dog beat down in the kitchen
if only you were hanging around
to catch the flies that i've been missing
i'm not talking about beginning