Slow Burn

by nasty habit

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"you just get sick of how they're living" i think it again as you're digging honestly i don't see you hanging around wishing you were one of the living a feeling you don't mind fogetting you'll be forgetting it all. you'll never get to know the middle or the dog beat down in the kitchen if only you were hanging around to catch the flies that i've been missing too busy thinking about beginning, beginning is reliving.
i said "i'm bored to death fresh out of confidence" and you're knocking on my bedroom door and i don't ask what for now i can't relax because i don't see you much i'll think of nothing to say, broken today but when i see you standing there with your hands in your pockets, yeah i wonder why you don't mind that there's always someone to stop us and i've been waiting on you, let the quiet things kill you oh, and i've been waiting on you to let the quiet things kill you like they killed me too. i think i feel too much and forgot how to trust wish i was lying on your bedroom floor but what for because when you see me thinking there about the holes in my pockets, yeah you'll wonder why i don't mind that there's no one to love us i've been waiting on you, let the coward out in you oh, i've been waiting on you to let the coward out in you she can see us through.
Dogbite 02:31
i saw the dogbite on the back of your leg must have put up a good fight because i'm watching it bleed and it's soaking through your sock as you're running away from everything you've ever known you've got some bad ideas up in your head, my dear i realize why you don't run alone when our worlds were spinning around. now it's a white scar eating right through your leg wonder on what night you'll find it easy to leave as we happen to be going through some pictures of you back when you were a little kid i saw you running through the park with your umbrella up, tell me of all the funny things you did while our worlds are still spinning around .
i found your buried bracelet between the cushions of the couch it sunk so deep, tangled in springs but the braid never fell out and if this is nothing it's gonna hurt. i don't mind that the holes we dig are filled with other people's things let them soak through and stain your skin if i just believed in chemicals and bus rides i'd be empty from the inside when it's in your eyes you realize that if this is nothing i could just die in your favorite shirt and if this is nothing it couldn't hurt .
Run With You 02:47
i've been thinking about the ways she's seen you change into a new shape when i'm with you, can't make a sound if she's been running bound to you but lately i've been figuring out how to get to you with all the truth hoping that maybe that's what you needed too. i've been leaving a path of pink at my feet been plucking petals with my teeth keep my ear to the ground, suspicious town for two but lately i've been figuring out how to get to you with all the truth hoping that maybe that's what you needed too figuring out where to run with you.
Deep Sleep 02:02
i've been sleeping off a blank stare you've got me thinking that i've done it all wrong, were whispered secrets only hot air or do you feel like you can only belong to just this instance and it's useless to find that anyone's arms are a safe place to hide? when you're slipping through the darkness you can't calm all the winds at once so you turn off all your feeling and find in time everything just rusts so when you don't want me it's just word on the street and when i find out i'll fall sunken asleep but i don't want to just leave this alone or i'll be leaving alone again.
you're just bringing me down and it's alright you're just bringing me down then i'll be fine just kicking stones on my way home can't decide which way to go yeah, i'm just wondering why i'm alone, yeah yeah you're just bringing me down and it's alright you're just bringing me down then i'll be fine i want to rot these concrete teeth yeah, they just fake the way they meet everyone wish you'd remember each word that i'd mean to say but i don't want to know anymore that you don't want to know anymore all i hear is the roar of that slamming door yeah, yeah
The Water 03:39
you still got church bells ringing in your head you watch an old world blow from out of your window feeling the fireball fading in your chest living out murder and punching out the rest but when you're feeling like that in my bed i can't get over anything that was said we can't get out of everything that we say when we both know that we're all creatures of nature just drinking the water you got a little swig on the sleeve of my sweatshirt soaks through like the blood stained ink of the dead dirt that gets me falling in the mood of a sad book "tell me where we're going, don't you think i can take a look" but when i'm feeling like that in my head i can't get over anything that was said we can't get out of all the things that we say when we both know that we're all creatures of nature attracted to water i've been thinking about the stones here sinking into the river that you choose to flow down oh, it's all in my head now skipping stones from a muddy bend that find an oasis where love is an illusion down under the water.
i'm not myself today got caught, lost in the rain went back found the hurricane in my eyes spinning out everytime it's hard now to forget entangled in detachment falling through the storm cloud hanging over you that splits me in two
Ghost 03:01
i got pulled out too far and then i felt removed needed something to push my mind into ripped the nails out and break the glue stopped locking the door to my room next time you see me, i hope we're both better off a little more real, i know i try but it isn't enough i don't want to rush it but i need you to be around doing anything you can to make sure i feel less like a ghost i waved to you through glass one summer afternoon looking from the street up to where you paint is where i hide away from me and somehow still inside
i can't hold your beauty because i'm afraid there's no truth in it always longing for a different touch knowing it's never enough. it's like standing next to a mountain, standing next to only you but i never get to only see you because you're miles away from everything i need you to say you're miles away. i can't become familiar with you but i can't sleep without your face the things we do.
No Sister 03:43
i caught you crying in your brother's arms he's spitting cherry pits into the vent of an empty room while you get lost in it and when the feeling sits strange then you know that things have changed. you dry your eyes as he's picking his teeth of all the guts you had left no need to go over the rules, by now you both know that you can see through the ways he explains "you don't need anyone else to be brave" you'd be swapping all the blood in your veins to not need anyone i guess you should have known that he could never know what it means to be a sister like me "no sister to me" no sister burning in the sun no sister burning up the son like there's no sister in the son like there's no sister of the sun no sister burning in the sun.
Wildflower 03:06
you said "there goes a tumbleweed kicking dirt up with no place to fall who doesn't even know who to become anymore at all" burning two fingers on a fireball. i thought "there goes a bumblebee buzzing circles around the babies heads another wildflower picked out of a dirty bed" and it's who you're kicking now in you sleep not the people you're pretending to be when you are too young to comprehend it oh, it happens again. i start to feel a little better about not talking much to you i saw you falling like a feather, there's only truth in the things we do like how we're messing around with the fact that we're just trying now to react with the ones that just reject it oh, it happens again and again i don't think this ever really ends you were the wind in my ear you were the one that made me dear but when you're finding out you're just the ghost of someone else well there's not much more you can do but let it happen to you you let it happen to you they're ask "what happened to you?"


released November 16, 2019

Ryan Starinsky - vocals, guitar, bass, percussion
Aaron Miller - guitar, vocals
Matt O'Conke - drums


all rights reserved



nasty habit Columbus, Ohio

"americana punk for potheads"


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